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  • Warm Skin® is a very effective cream for moisturizing and insulating the skin. Torture-tested in such diverse climates as the North and South Poles, the Grand Canyon, and Mt. Everest.

  • Warm Skin® protects the skin from the effects of cold, wind, wet and dry weather. Even in summer, Warm Skin guards against the drying effects of water, sun, wind, and heat.

  • Warm Skin® serves as a barrier from moisture loss from within, and as a barrier to cold from outside, reducing the risk of frostbite, cracked and dry skin.

  • Use good judgment and Warm Skin® in addition to your normal protective attire for the prevailing conditions. It is like an extra layer of insulation.

  • Warm Skin® is not only for hands; this thick cream can be used on the face, torso, legs, hands, arms, and feet. Rub Warm Skin into the skin before and after exposure.

  • Keep out of eye area. If you get product in your eye, tearing may occur. If so, thoroughly rinse the affected area with lukewarm waterrm Skin® is great for cold and callused feet, especially after a warm bath.

  • Warm Skin® is rich but not greasy. Warm Skin is absorbed into the skin, yet lets the skin breathe. It does not cause pimples.

  • Warm Skin® works well over or under a sunscreen or make-up. We recommend using appropriate SPF sun protection based on individual need.

WarmSkin All Weather Guard