Warm Skin helps protect all Nordic sport enthusiasts who ski, snowboard, cross country ski or snow mobile.
Winter cyclists wear Warm Skin to help brave the snowiest and coldest climates. Also helps block windburn.
Whether you are white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing, Warm Skin will help protect you, and no greasy equipment!
Warm Skin adds another layer of protection to hikers, fishermen and hunters.
Used by those who work outdoors, including construction crews and postal employees. 
More than half of the Major Football Teams order Warm Skin. Trainers and Spectators Too!
Many sufferers of chapped, callused, rough skin have found relief from Warm Skin.  D.Janasek Sales Company is also a loyal supporter of the Raynaud's Association.
Warm Skin is safe for children, protecting their delicate skin against the cold. (Used in addition to proper clothing).
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