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WarmSkin All Weather Guard
D.Janasek Sales Co., Inc.
WarmSkin is a registered trademark of Aurora Henna Company
Warm Skin-All Weather Guard

Provides a barrier that helps your skin retain moisture, stay warmer and protected.

                  - Moisturizes and insulates against extreme weather conditions
                - Adds an extra layer of insulation without adding bulk
                - Reduces the risk of frostbite and helps block windburn
                - Non-Greasy formula
                - Non-analgesic - no irritants 
                - Soothes cracked,calloused and moisture depleted skin
                - Used for all seasons to protect skin dryness

Contains a rich blend of botanicals and humecannts including:

                  - Aloe, Balm Mint, Matricaria and Mistletoe (Complete Ingredient List upon request)
                - Safe for Children

Used by professional athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who work outdoors.

                    - Our many customers include professional football and baseball players, outdoor sport                       enthusiasts, those who work outdoors, fisherman and hunters.

Helps give relief to chapped and callused skin

                   - Many sufferers have found relief from using Warm Skin, an all-season skin aid.

Our Products
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